Beta Phase 1 Live Now!

Beta brings a
new economy

The Agoric beta introduces the foundational elements of our economy. We invite you to experience DeFi on Agoric, take a look under the hood, and start building with us.

Get Ahead of the Curve

Beta is a prime opportunity for developers to get ahead of the curve. Using Agoric's testnet environment, you can rapidly build and deploy smart contracts atop a rich economy that incorporates test versions of our new BLD staking token and RUN local currency.

A new collection of DeFi legos gives access to our beta app where users can open treasury vaults or interact with our automated market maker. Join the fun by modifying our open treasury code and building your own projects leading up to mainnet. We can't wait to see what you make!

Test New Features

Got ideas?

  • Implement new liquidation mechanisms
  • Add new curves for the AMM
  • Enhance the UI for the treasury and AMM
  • We invite you to participate

Bring Your Edge

  • Try your hand at better curve models
  • Make Swap fees variable
  • Incorporate price volatility and pool depth
  • What else you got?

Tutorials to get you started

How To: Create Your Wallet

Set up your wallet to interact with the Agoric beta. These steps will use Docker Compose and Visual Studio Code to get you started.

by Rowland Graus
Product Lead

How To: Treasury & Swap

Navigate the treasury and the Swap by creating vaults, managing an existing vault, and swapping test assets on the Swap.

by Rowland Graus
Product Lead